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Monday, January 31, 2011

khasiat minyak zaitun

Olive oil is a very berhasiat oil compounds and has been known for a long time ago, olive oil varies depending on the type of usage so as to produce a tool to overcome problems such as skin care, hair, and cure disease. it is also still a lot of valuable uses, not only save money, also could make it easier for family life.
High or low quality olive oil is closely related to the type of olive itself, could also be due to the place of origin, climate, processing and storage methods, all aspects that could reveal a different specialty.
Olive oil is one diet that is always promoted by the food in the Mediterranean, along the Mediterranean eating style is increasingly popular, olive oil has been cast as the most reliable health promotion, have also been accepted by a wide circles. Successful marketing phenomenon not because of the influence of the packaging, but it is true it contains high nutritional value in its use.
Research studies on the nutritional value of olive oil very much, USFood and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that each day consume 23 grams of olive oil, can effectively reduce the incidence of heart disease, can also regulate metabolism, reduce blood clotting and reduces the risk of tumor.
Fatty acids contained in it is a unit without a saturation point, it can enhance positive cholesterol (HDL), reduce the negative cholesterol (LDL), also help aid digestion, prevent gallstones, relieve peptic ulcers. Superior quality olive oil also contains large amounts of antioxidants that protect against cancer, she is really very beneficial for human health. Eight efficacious use of olive oil
In addition to the purposes of such well-known dishes, olive oil still has many valuable forms of usage, ranging from personal care, improvements in family environment or natural therapy. American Green Living Network (Daily Green) offers a number of efficacious use of olive oil, not only can save money, also could bring more convenience in family life.
1. Skin care:
olive oil contains linolenic acid, a compound that can not be produced by the human body and to prevent evaporation of water on the body. He can be directly applied to the skin or mixed into the water while bathing, contribute to skin health.
2. Curing cancer:
By drinking the olive oil to taste (a tablespoon of routine) can prevent and treat skin cancer, breast, uterus and colon
3. Moisturize your hair:
Rub a little olive oil on your hair dry and tangled yamg, will make the hair more flexible, especially in winter or humid days bercuaca, olive oil also can reduce some of the damage to the hair. Can also use a few tablespoons of olive oil to massage the hair, absorbing oil in order to go deeper into the scalp and hair roots.
4. Caring for a cat's favorite:
Take one tablespoon of olive oil mixed into cat food, can prevent the accumulation of hair in the stomach and intestines of cats, the same can also make hair more shiny and healthy cat. Compared with anti-tangle hair oil made from petroleum, olive oil may be more secure against the body of a cat.
5. Reduce snoring:
before sleep took a sip of olive oil to help moisturize the throat muscles, reducing the likelihood of snoring. When the itchy throat may also take one tablespoon of olive oil to reduce the symptoms.
6. Leather furniture cleaning and caring for couch:
Rub a little olive oil on furniture can prevent signs of blemishes, corrosion and stain spots. Olive oil mixed with lemon liquid ratio of 2:1 to make a table like the shiny new office space. This technique is also very suitable for various types of furniture made of wood, pour a few drops of olive oil on a soft, easy to clean dust and broken friction. He also can take care of leather products, for example, use olive oil rub a baseball glove, the lapse of 30 minutes and then clean the remaining olive oil.
7. rubbed over the sound of a door or a stuck zipper:
Many of its usefulness in everyday life, you can use olive oil as a lubricant, such as the sound of creaking hinges on a door or a stuck zipper does not move, apply a little olive oil then slowly moved so smoothly
8. remove blackheads
With enough honey mixture of olive oil can also clean blackheads d surface lubricated by the nose.

How to Choose Olive Oil
Olive oil with the wine grape, its quality can vary due to type, place of origin, climate, extortion process and method of storage. High-quality olive oil that looks clear, golden-green or golden yellow, when it feels warm and smooth taste in the mouth, there is a little bitter or spicy, on the contrary, low-quality olive oil a bit murky, less luminous, the color of fresh, quality oil is diluted, when tasted bland taste or her strange scent.
High olive oil prices because the correct treatment so that it can retain more nutrients. Olives are processed through the first cold lemon olive oil produced with extra-high purity (extra virgin olive oil), the thick smell of their perfume; through the second cold lemon olive oil produced with high purity (virgin olive oil). Olive oil in the market is the general standard (regular olive oil) or a pure standard (pure olive oil). This is the result of processing premises chemical extraction and filtering, so that the flavor and nutritional content a bit lacking.
That must be considered is, oil dregs (beans) olive (olive pomace oil) is a former oil processed by utilizing the former pulp juice plus vegetable juice and olive seed oil, contains cancer-causing substances "benzopyrene", although the price is low, but should should not be purchased. Olive Oil Storage
The experts suggest that olive oil is not like wine grapes, kept getting more and more fragrant, it should be used out within the time limit expired. If not be susceptible to oxidation and change flavor. Large containers of olive oil can be divided, each stored in a small ceramic tube or glass bottle, to reduce the chance of olive oil in contact with air, store them in a cool room, can also store it in the refrigerator.
High-quality olive oil at low temperatures will arise fog symptoms, but when you experience high temperatures will come back clear and transparent. In general, storage time limit (time expired) of olive oil for 2-3 years, but should be used out within 18 months, just to maintain the best quality
. (Efochtimes/akw)

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